Benefits of Exercise

Simple Benefits of Exercise

Often we focus on the physical reasons you should exercise. Maybe you want to slim down to a smaller pant size or have abs of steel. But there are many other benefits that come from exercise. Thinking Time Daily exercise is very beneficial for the… Continue Reading

tips for morning workout

5 Tips for your Morning Workout

Morning exercise makes a lot of sense. Besides freeing up your evening, it can also help jumpstart your brain, stave off cravings, and increase energy, according to some studies. Yet, regardless of the benefits and despite the New Year’s resolutions hanging on the wall,… Continue Reading

Are you getting enough water each day? Learn a few reasons why water is so important for your body.

Are You Getting Enough Water?

Sometimes it can be tough getting enough water each day. Check out our infographic for tips on how to stay hydrated and why it is so important!


Code the Road: A Google Maps Celebration

Crowds of people. Colorful T-shirts. An even more colorful bus. Music. Dancing. Though it may sound like Woodstock, it was actually the 10-year anniversary of Google Maps. And nobody was more excited to celebrate than ICON Health & Fitness, the parent company of NordicTrack…. Continue Reading

Check out this Infographic about the FreeStride Trainer

Change Up Your Workout

We all know that feeling when you have been doing the same workout over and over again. Things start to get a little boring. Check out this infographic for tips on how to keep jazzy during your workout. Not only does diversifying your workout keep… Continue Reading