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Cure Runner’s Knee

Patellofemoral pain syndrome got its nickname for an obvious and very unfortunate reason–it’s common among runners. The stress of running can cause irritation where the kneecap (patella) rests on the thighbone. The resulting pain can be sharp and sudden or … Continue reading


The X9i Gets Raving Review on the “Wellness Wire”

One of our favorite bloggers, Well+Good NYC, has featured the one and only—NordicTrack Incline Trainer X9i! The well-known and beloved blog gives the X9i a raving review that will make you want to start climbing those hills stat. Click here … Continue reading


Guest-Blogger: Mama Laughlin Shares Her Weight-Loss Journey

We are proud to feature an amazing guest-blogger today! She is one hot mama and has a great story about her journey to be fit and fabulous. Take it away, Mama Laughlin… Hi! I’m Mama Laughlin and I am just … Continue reading


Happy National Running Day!

No matter who you are or what your schedule is like today—lace up those sneakers and hit the road! (or your treadmill, local track, mountainous trail—you can choose where you run.) It is National Running Day and we think that … Continue reading


Beginner Core Strength

These four basic exercises will strengthen core muscles and improve your posture. 1. Prone Core Bridge Lay on the floor on your stomach. Lift your body off the ground, supporting your upper body with your elbows directly under your shoulders … Continue reading