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All About Water

Water is a staple of life needed to survive. You definitely need to keep yourself hydrated during a work-out. It is not good to be de-hydrated as this causes problems with health. Whether you fill your water with sugar and … Continue reading

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The Top 5 Most Difficult Sports

Have you ever wondered which sport is the most physically demanding? It is apparent that some sports are more involved and take a bigger toll on your body than others. We have a list explaining the top 5 most difficult … Continue reading

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North America’s Top Marathons

So you have made a goal to start getting in shape, but what is your ultimate goal? Do you want to run for an hour straight without stopping? Maybe 2 hours? Run a marathon? If you have ever considered running … Continue reading


How to Burn Fat

The age-old question of how to burn fat is often a difficult one to answer. Here are some great tips and facts about how to burn fat as effectively as possible. Burn off more than you take in. If you … Continue reading


How to Improve Your Lung Capacity

The great thing about working out is that you loose fat and build some great muscle. One thing that stops people from exercising more often is that they have a hard time breathing enough during the experience. We have a … Continue reading

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