Monthly Archives: October 2011


How To Stay Fit This Halloween

“Trick-or-Treat!” You may not be the one saying this, but you will certainly hear it a lot, which means you are going to be surrounded by lots of treats. Don’t let your sweet tooth wreck your healthy habits this Halloween. … Continue reading


Self-Confidence: Your #1 Accessory!

What can instantly change you and the way you feel… your confidence! It is a small and simple thing that can take you a long way. Make confidence your number one accessory! We all have weaknesses and insecurities—but forget those … Continue reading


Running WITH Music VS. Running WITHOUT

Do you run with or without your headphones? Runner’s World has taken this debate to the next level with professionals who have strong, opposing opinions on the matter. Read below to see what they said. “In any race or on … Continue reading


Get Training For That Turkey Trot!

It’s that time of year to start planning and training for those “Turkey Trots”! Here are a few reasons to commit and sign up: -To ward off the potential weight gain from Thanksgiving dinner. -Make it a family/friend activity. It … Continue reading


Cross Train… In The Pool

Have you suffered from a knee or joint injury? Or do you just simply need something to switch up your workout? We have the answer—swimming! Swimming is a great form of exercise that is gentle on your joints and leaves … Continue reading