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Lean Protein: An Essential Part of Every Diet

If your fridge looks anything like mine has for the past few days…it is filled with loads of left-over turkey from Thanksgiving dinner. We hope you had a wonderful holiday (btw)! Thanksgiving dinner comes with lots of delicious food, and … Continue reading


Recap From LIVE Chat With Jillian Michaels

We had a very special event take place at NordicTrack…Jillian Michaels chatted LIVE on the NordicTrack Facebook page . She offered great knowledge and insight as she answered many health and fitness questions. The questions were asked by all of the NordicTrack and … Continue reading


How to Prevent Weight Gain This Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie, roast turkey, stuffing, gravy, candied yams, etc. (are you salivating yet?) The delicious menu that makes up most Thanksgiving feasts could go on for pages! Unfortunately, the calorie count from a hearty Thanksgiving meal could go on for … Continue reading


How to See Better Ab Results in Just One Week:

Everyone wants to have better abs. Here you will find five basic tips for increasing your abdominal strength in just one week. Eat Right: Like all work-outs and exercises, you have to eat the proper diet or the exercise does … Continue reading


11 Tips to Prevent the Common Cold and Flu

The holidays are just around the corner, temperatures are dropping, autumn is here in full-force, which also means that there are armies of cold and flu bugs lurking around. Don’t let these sick bugs take you down this holiday season. … Continue reading