Monthly Archives: February 2012


Dehydration—Can it Impact Your Mood?

This is a great article from Shape Magazine’s, Cynthia Sass. It’s been a perpetual debate—do you really need 8 glasses of water a day? Many experts say no, that this recommendation is outdated, but I disagree. According to the Institute … Continue reading


What is Myofascial Release?

Is your normal stretching routine not quite bringing the relief you need? You may need myofascial release. “Myofascial release is a form of soft tissue therapy used to treat somatic dysfunction and resulting pain and restriction of motion. Fascia is … Continue reading


American Hearth Month—Start Living a Heart Healthy Life TODAY!

Not only is February the month to celebrate LOVE—it’s also American Heart Month and we couldn’t think of a better time to get heart-healthy! Whether it is for you or for a loved one—do what it takes to be heart-healthy … Continue reading


How to Prevent Overeating at This Year’s Super Bowl Party!

Do you have big plans to celebrate and watch the Super Bowl this weekend? Some may have plans to mingle with family and friends or just to watch the infamous Super Bowl ads. I am confident to say that all … Continue reading