May is National Bike Month

You loved riding a bike as a kid. Maybe, then, the key to your fitness goals is planted firmly on a saddle seat and pedaling to better health. Anyone can train on a stationary bike. In addition to being easy to use, an exercise bike is kind to your knees and back while delivering a solid cardio workout. In honor of National Bike Month, consider a stationary bike for year-round fitness that fits your abilities and goals.


Not only is an exercise bike easy to use, it’s low impact. If jogging or sports are too jarring on your knees or ankles, a stationary bike offers a heart-pumping workout without putting stress on your joints. It may also be a low-stress option for those with back pain.

Space-Saving Convenience

Stationary bikes tend to be smaller and lighter than other home fitness machines. In addition to taking up less space in your home, an exercise bike can be moved into the perfect position for ideal workout entertainment and wheeled out of the way for suitable storage.


Wide Array of Workouts

From post-surgery rehabilitation to hard-core cycling, a stationary bike can offer a wide range of workouts at home. A recumbent bike offers an oversized, back-supporting seat for those who need to build strength and coordination, while a stationary sport cycle offers a realistic cycling experience.


Great Cardio Workout

Riding a stationary bike is great cardiovascular exercise – one that may extend your life if you do it 30 minutes a day, five days per week. Regular cardio helps lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar and prevent heart attack. Depending on your weight and workout, you could burn up to 400 calories in a half-hour session.