In Depth Look at NordicTrack C900 (Part 2)

NordicTrack believes that workout equipment should fit in with the lifestyles of its users and not the other way around. The NordicTrack C 900 was designed with a smaller footprint to save floorspace– 81.5″ L X 37.2″ W X 75.3″ H. The deck of this treadmill folds vertically to stow conveniently out of the way, freeing up more space for stretching after a workout. This saves nearly seven feet of floorspace. When workout equipment doesn’t fit into an interior decorating scheme, the C 900 avoids making a fashion statement.

Despite its space-saving design, the C 900 features an extra-long treadbelt, allowing longer strides for a more intense workout. Additionally, the belt itself is heavy-duty, ensuring a quieter walk or run. The belt is also designed to hold up to 350 pounds, important for those people who are above normal weight and who are embarking on a weight-loss and conditioning program.

Inclining the belt provides an aerobic workout superior to running on the level outdoors. This is accomplished by simply pressing a button on the patented 1-Touch control rather than scrolling through menu options. The athlete’s attention remains focused on performance, not on a monitor’s screen while selecting an incline of 0% to 15%. 1-Touch technology is also used when changing speed. Pressing the button allows the user to change his pace from 0 to 12 MPH without missing a step. This is also a great safety feature, allowing a rapid slow-down before coming to a complete stop, allowing the user to dismount quickly in case of sudden illness or muscle cramping.

One unique feature of the NordicTrack C 900 is the incorporation of the Autobreeze Workout Fan. It automatically changes air speed and volume to best suit the intensity and pace of a workout. The user selects either low, medium, or high to deliver a refreshing breeze, helping maintain a healthy body temperature while remaining focused on the workout.

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