4 Tips to Get Back to a Healthy Routine After Vacation

Go to the Store


It’s one of the joys of vacation. You enjoy foods and drinks that aren’t part of your everyday diet, and someone else does the cooking and cleaning up. While it’s hard to transition from room service to regular schedule, it’s important to get right back into your normal eating habits. Make the grocery store one of your first stops when you get home and stock up on healthy foods to get you back on track.

Get to Bed Early

Just like your eating habits have been disrupted, vacation also changes up your regular sleeping pattern. You may be getting up earlier and staying up later to make the most of your trip. Even though it’s tempting to stay up late the first couple of nights you’re home to catch up on laundry and work, getting plenty of sleep will help keep you from dragging at work and skipping your daily exercise those first few days.


Cut Yourself Some Slack


So you ate too much and didn’t do a lick of exercise while on vacation. It’s a vacation. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Your entire goal was to take a break from the routine of life. It’s perfectly fine and even healthy to indulge a little from time to time. You’ll have enough to do to get back into the routine of work and home life without beating yourself up about last week’s extra desserts and excess hammock time.

Ease into Exercise

When you’ve taken a break from your normal exercise routine, it can be hard to find the motivation to get back to it. You don’t have to pick right up where you left off. You just have to move. Keep your mood upbeat and your energy level high by easing into exercise with some fun activities. Go for a bike ride with your kids. Spend an afternoon swimming with a friend. It might even feel like you’re still on vacation. It might even feel like you’re still on vacation.