tips for morning workout

5 Tips for your Morning Workout

Morning exercise makes a lot of sense. Besides freeing up your evening, it can also help jumpstart your brain, stave off cravings, and increase energy, according to some studies. Yet, regardless of the benefits and despite the New Year’s resolutions hanging on the wall,… Continue Reading


Code the Road: A Google Maps Celebration

Crowds of people. Colorful T-shirts. An even more colorful bus. Music. Dancing. Though it may sound like Woodstock, it was actually the 10-year anniversary of Google Maps. And nobody was more excited to celebrate than ICON Health & Fitness, the parent company of NordicTrack…. Continue Reading


Olivia Ward | Biggest Loser Season 11 Winner

Your day can get really hectic really fast. But when you’ve made health a top priority, it’s important to not let life pass you by. So take a break from the mayhem, go for a walk, and keep watching your step count add up…. Continue Reading


Health is Wealth

We are all looking for an escape. A vacation to an exotic location sounds pretty wonderful right now, doesn’t it? We all want to find ways to manage stress, get a little rest and relaxation, and find happiness. But you can’t go on vacation… Continue Reading